What type of company can open a commercial division?

The ideal company naturally is a solar company’s but we have found great success partnering with Development companies, General/Roofing Contracting and remodeling. This is the short answer of course. We have referred real estate agents and property management company on our commercial program. This opens the opportunity for investors to see full spectrum the options available in today's market. 


Why Open a Solar Division?
Many contractors express how frustrating it is to not have consistant cash flow and consistent qualified leads. Going from job to job barely making payroll or being short on a project. The oportunity is adding that next product that helps you shine above the rest of your competitors. Solar has not hit its full stride yet nationally and internationally espectially in the commercial industry. Time to get ahead of the curve. 

Strategic partnerships is the fastest way to diversify your product line for additional streams of income. Markets will fluctuate and the companies that are diversified will be the ones that last long term. The additional revenue that your organization can generate from our strategic partnership brings quarterly positive cash flow.




 What you will Receive:
We provide the structure, systems and support for solar to be an extension of what you offer. We work with you to remove the hassles that would prevent you from taking action.


-A turn key $$$ making frontline system
- Live Training and Ongoing Executive Support
-Full access to track where each project is slated and in process.
- Onboarding and Welcome Package, Sales Training, Prospecting, Finance Training (No money down and zero out of pocket programs).
-Access to all marketing and promotional materials, including any procedures and checklist to help you Jump-Start fast.
-Top performers will have conference costs covered and free annual trip to our end of year celebration.


Example: Four solar deals sold per month through your established book of business = $216,000 in 1 yr. Some of our strategic partners will sell 10 deals per month = $540,000 in annual sales. Again, there is no catch, overhead or liability tied into this.