Commercial Solar

When considering solar a company with a broad experience portfolio is going to give you the best set up for your project. Each building is different and offers unique challenges. Also a company that is going to advocate for you. Most solar companies don't get into a variety of markets and only have their specific product that they sell to you. We are big picture thinkers and work with you on a project not to sell you solar but to innovate your business. ACD works with national and international solar professionals to bring you the right options not just the ones that fits a mold. 

Current Benefits for your Business

The current landscape nationally for the commercial sector is primed for renewable options. There is of course the 30% federal tax credit  set to reduce by 2019 but have you reviewed the expedited depreciation value to your system or for late night offsetting of storage systems? Solar is more than putting panels on a roof its retrofitting a system that will work for you.

PPA'S + Solar Financing

There are plenty of no money down options but there are few and far between companies backed by investors that can give a truly unique PPA option. The standard options typically carry a 2.9 escalator. We have options that can reduce your future pricing. 


CASH OPTION-Like all purchases its better to own. 
PPA OPTION-Great option for no money down. 
FINANCE OPTIONS-There are traditional options as well as investing, PACE and Government sponsored E.I. USDA Loans.
LEASE OPTIONS-Vary by tax assessment.

Show me a Quick Design

Interested in seeing what solar would look like on your commercial building? We have in house design teams to bring the experience of national and international projects, large and small,  preliminary designs. Why? Typically if you are in a long term lease a quick visual of assumptions gives you another tool of winning over approval from property management companies and landlords.  

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