Frontline Management Systems

Intake Form Preview

The intake form is where you will submit a job that you would like an evaluation started. The sheet is free for you to use. Just download the app on your phone or tablet and you will be able to see the submissions you have made and add comments and uploads. 

API Link Explaination 

The API Link is where we collect all of the interval data and utility bills needed to evaluate your customer from benefiting form solar. 

API link Preview

Presentations and Forms


The Cannabis Industry and Solar are a very close nit market. As states legalize the use of Cannabis in all its forms there is a need for solar on the development side. 


This presentation should be adjusted to the specific type of farming that you will be presenting to. This is a great jumping off point to get you started. 

Home Owner Association

This presentation has been used time and time again for giving a brief overview of what the association can expect.