Our platform easily integrates into your current structure by keeping it separate, simple and transparent. As you go thru each section click on the links provided they will bring you closer to becoming a well rounded commercial dealership. We will make sure all paperwork is completed before starting so you fully understand the commissions and expectations. 

1. Start by downloading Smartsheet's onto your phone or tablet. This will give you access to each project as its developed in real time. 

2. There will be a link sent to access your sheet. This will have all pertinent information for your job. 

3. Practice using the Intake form provided. The form can be found on the website and your smartsheet app. 

4. Next go thru each page to learn about each item and step. 

5. The commission estimate starts at .08 per watt. This is adjust down by job winning necessity ( what it takes to win a job). Your commission will be added to each job in smartsheet's and you will receive a statement for each job on why it was adjusted.  

Figuring out your commission Estimate: Take the number of watts and multiply it by the given number for commission. For Example: 2 mw system has a total commission estimate of .03 a watt. That comes to $60,000 dollars. This will be paid out when the project is completed or broken out over structured payments.

 Pipeline Creation

Next to Structure this is going to be the most important thing you will need to do to 10x your Commercial Dealership Program. The timeline it takes to start a ground up Commercial Program in your business will take 6 months to a year before getting everything you will need to begin your pipeline. 

Since we have done all the work let's get started on your pipeline. 

1. Start using your current contacts and attach the API link to email. This gives them the opportunity to see how easy its going to be to get started. 

2. Commercial Solar is a marathon and not a sprint. As you start utilizing the system you will be able to easily track your projects in any state at any time. 

3. Go thru training portal and read thru ideal Strategic partnerships. This is going to expand your reach much faster than trying to go after projects all on your own.