ACD offers detailed planning packages and  construction feasibility analysis to eliminate surprises prior to solar construction. Working closely with clients and the entire construction team through innovative collaborative tools allows for timely problem solving reducing any construction delays. 
Mastery of Paneling

ACD's knowledge of the industry and organizational skills bring together years of experience in the construction field.  ACD employees are "big picture" thinkers. We work with you through the entire project, from concept to closeout.
Our track record of on-time and on-budget delivery is attributable to highly experienced, seasoned staff of professionals, a dedicated customer-service focus, and our “can do” work ethic.



ACD offers detailed planning and scheduling construction feasibility analysis training to eliminate surprises prior to construction.  Working closely with clients and the entire team through innovative collaborative tools allows for timely problem solving reducing any construction delays on preparing your paneling plant. 


Why have Quality Control?

Whether you’re the client or the contractor, from “Concept to Closeout” quality control plays a vital role in a successful project.  In today’s economy the saying, “Time is money” couldn’t be more accurate.  But should the quality of work suffer to meet budget and deadlines? 
ACD offers qualified quality control consultants that will either assist your own company’s quality control program or offer a third party QC consultant to help your company stand out in today’s competitive construction market. 
A good project manager understands that one person can’t focus on everything required to be successful.
How many times has any one of the following happened on your project?

  • Lost construction time and money due to work not meeting contract codes or design.

  • Required permits not obtained causing delays.

  • Re-Work.

  • Material submitted didn’t match what was installed.

  • Lost or no required test reports were performed.

  • Improper clean-up.

  • Closeout documentation preventing final payment.

 We offer:
On-site representation:  We can provide your company with an on or off site liaison to represent you and your interests. We understand the importance of communication and will quickly relay critical information back to you.
Training: ACD offers site specific training courses on the Quality Control processes and especially on how to relate drawings to specifications to contract documents.  We will help identify potential problems and train your team to your specific needs.  If your company has been awarded a USACE project and need training on their QCS system, we can provide the necessary knowledge on how to set it up and how it integrates with scheduling.
Root Cause Analysis:  We can help identify root causes of past projects and prevent problem re-occurrence.
Proactive Solutions:  ACD can provide a proactive approach rather than a reactive one with onsite support with systematic audits and reviews.
Corrective Action:  Define the problem, including the root cause, and create simple solutions to address and correct the problem or weakness.

Contact us for a consultation on how we can identify weaknesses in your commercial solar department systems, set up a strategy for improvement, and streamline your system to reduce costs.