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My work has been primarily in the medical field the last 9 years. I started working as a Hospital Corpsman for the U.S. Navy. This opened up multiple promotions and learning opportunities working with different departments. For example: Emergency, EMT, Family Medicine, Audiology and Nursing Services. Duties were a varied as the departments i served in. One of the highlights is in Audiology were i received a Navy and Marine Corps NAM basically i improved the wait time for patience on receiving needed hearing devices as well as improvement in audit process and calibration.

Later i working in Operations for Scripps Health a great experience. Working with the Meaningful Use committee we vetted and applied operational support for Doctors and Staff for meeting criteria and maximizing reimbursements.

The Last couple years have truly been exciting and full of risk and big reward. I have worked on multi million dollar projects and changed lives bringing renewable energy to other countries as well as here in the U.S.A. Why would i give up so much freedom at this point? I am looking for that next step in my career development and i believe that is going to be in the fold of a great company looking for a thinker that wants to improve process and revenues.

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